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Minimally Invasive Surgery

When it comes to surgery of any kind, the two words you want to hear are “minimally invasive.” This type of advanced surgery minimizes your risks while solving your problem, which is the best of both worlds. At Suburban Women’s Specialists, both Dr. Anthony and Dr. Chua have extensive experience using the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques, including laparoscopy and da Vinci® robotic surgery. If you’re in Johns Creek, Georgia, and you’d like to explore your options in minimally invasive surgery, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Q&A

What is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

Traditionally, surgeons need to open your body to allow a full view of the area and full access to their hands. This type of surgery, while effective, also results in:

  • A higher risk of infection
  • Collateral tissue damage
  • Increased blood loss
  • Longer recovery periods

Thanks to modern technology, the doctors at Suburban Women’s Specialists can perform many procedures laparoscopically using tiny, specialized instruments that they thread in through very small incisions. The first piece of equipment to go in is a camera, which gives your doctor a 3D view of the surgical area on a monitor screen. Using small instruments, which she threads in through another small incision, your doctor is able to perform a number of tasks that previously required open access.

Dr. Anthony and Dr. Chua turn to these minimally invasive techniques to both evaluate and treat a number of problems. When advanced imaging isn’t providing a clear enough picture, laparoscopy allows your doctor to take a closer look at what’s going on inside your pelvis. In some cases, your doctor may turn the evaluation into a treatment, if she finds something that needs to be repaired or removed.

What is Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

Robotic surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System takes minimally invasive surgical procedures to the next level. Using the same small incisions and camera technology found in laparoscopy, your doctor relies on robotic arms that allow for precise movements in small areas.

Your doctor is in full control of the robotic arms, which translate her movements with an unprecedented accuracy, giving you the best of both worlds: robotic precision and human experience. The small robotic arms bend and rotate far better than a human hand, allowing your doctor to perform complex procedures in small areas without the need for a larger incision.

What Conditions Can Be Treated with Minimally Invasive Surgery?

Dr. Chua and Dr. Anthony use minimally invasive techniques to perform a number of surgeries, including:

  • Removing uterine fibroids using the Symphion™ tissue removal system
  • Hysterectomy
  • Removing ovarian cysts
  • Correcting pelvic prolapse
  • Endometriosis resection
  • Endometrial ablation with NovaSure®
  • Removing tumors

Depending upon your situation, your doctor goes in either through your abdomen or your vagina. In the case of the latter, you’re left with no outward scarring.

To explore the benefits of minimally invasive surgery, call Suburban Women’s Specialists or request an appointment using the online scheduling tool.