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Pregnancy Care

Expert prenatal care helps you manage the challenges of pregnancy and prepares you to deliver a healthy baby. At Suburban Women’s Specialists in Johns Creek, Georgia, OB/GYNs Dr. Anthony and Dr. Chua offer prenatal support for normal and high-risk pregnancies. If you’re pregnant or considering having a baby soon, call the office or book an appointment online.

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Pregnancy Care Q&A

Which Prenatal Services are Available?

At Suburban Women’s Specialists, Dr. Chua and Dr. Anthony offer support for pregnancy from your preconception counseling to your postpartum care. They can answer questions about nutrition, vitamins, and any other concern during your pregnancy. The practice offers in-office lab testing, ultrasound exams, and nonstress tests.

When it’s time for your delivery, Dr. Anthony and Dr. Chua support you at Emory Johns Creek Hospital, located just across the street from the office. This facility offers scheduled tours and classes to help you feel comfortable about the birth process.

Why is Prenatal Care Important?

Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but it can also raise a lot of issues about your body and the health of your baby. Adequate prenatal care helps ensure that you and your baby are healthy. Women who don’t have prenatal are three times more likely to deliver a low-birthweight baby and five times more likely to die during the pregnancy or birth process as compared to women who do get pregnancy care.

Prenatal care helps identify problems early, so you can get treatment to prevent more serious complications. Prenatal care can also help you give your baby the best, healthiest start to life possible.

What is a High-Risk Pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is any pregnancy that requires extra care to ensure a healthy and successful pregnancy and birth. You may be considered high risk if you’re older, if you enter pregnancy with a chronic condition, such as diabetes, or if you have other factors that put you at a higher risk of complications.

Your pregnancy may start normally and develop into a high-risk category due to concerns about the baby’s health, early labor, or your health. Birth defects, blood pressure issues, gestational diabetes, or injury during pregnancy can all denote a high-risk pregnancy.

How Does Prenatal Care Differ in a High-Risk Pregnancy?

The exact course of your prenatal care depends on your particular complications and concerns. A high-risk pregnancy usually requires more frequent visits to Dr. Anthony and Dr. Chua for monitoring. You may undergo special ultrasounds and blood tests to keep tabs on the status of your baby’s health, too.

To learn more about the expert prenatal care offered by Suburban Women’s Specialists, call the office or book an appointment online.